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R E N E W  Your Mind-Body Connection

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        OUR STORY 

 Experienced Massage Therapist, Heidi Zambrano has continually sensed the need to offer a higher level of service than that of the typical clinic or spa – and  knew the time was right to give back with a unique and different focus that was therapeutic, healing, client-centric and collaborative. Heidi opened her practice to like minded therapists and together they strive to provide an environment that is truly client centered.


Thus R E N O V A bodyworks was born:

a sanctuary for renewal and a safe haven from the hectic pace of the modern, busy world.

R E N O V A  bodyworks is a collaborative environment for healing: a space where everyone – no matter their pain or affliction – is welcome and can participate in and benefit from healing and renewal.



If you make regular massage part of your health care regimen, it can improve your energy and alertness, relieve injuries, reduce pain, provide relaxation, reduce stress, and much more!


Please take the time to ask us what we can do to improve your quality of life. We look forward to being a part of your wellness.


We offer gift certificates so you can offer your loved ones the wonderful gift of wellness


Heidi is State Licensed and Nationally Certified, and continues to keep her skills up to date with frequent education and training sessions on the latest techniques and modalities


  1. Heidi is a true healer in the sense that she identifies areas of concern and is able to treat, the result is a satisfactory relief of pain.

  2. Heidi, my massage therapist and owner is beyond amazing!!
    I’ve had to have Chiropractic and massage care since my teenage years, so I’ve had many “massages” to date.
    In the past year, I’ve developed a herniated disk in my cervical spine which causes my hands/fingers/feet to go numb as well as severe RLS (restless limb/leg syndrome), & extremely painful bone spurs in both wrists, and during my path for healing I found Heidi. A Massage THERAPIST!!
    I’ve learned that there is a huge difference between just getting a massage verses getting a Therapeutic massage, and WOW, what a difference!!! Heidi therapeutically massages your body for overall wellness, not just for a feel good quick fix.
    I was recently sick with sinus/ear infection and bronchitis for almost 4 weeks. My cough was finally getting better however I just couldn’t shake the headache…. (again, after 4 weeks)!
    I had Heidi “work her expertise” and I could feel the headache leave my head.
    She’s BRILLIANT at her ability to give my body the healing it needs at that moment and more so overall continued healing! Oh, and the fact that she wraps your feet in warm/hot towels, and places a hot wrapped towel under your neck until she massages those areas is beyond incredible!
    Her prices are extremely affordable, extremely!!
    Her goal is your health not your pocket book.
    If Renova Bodyworks/Heidi is not in your immediate location, she is worth the extra travel…. your body and overall health is worth the extra travel!!!
    Enjoy your massage by Heidi…. I look forward to hearing your wonderful experience as well!!
    Steph H.

  3. Beautiful relaxing peaceful setting. Have been in physical therapy for shoulder/neck injury, Heidi was more successful in one hour than 2x a week for past six weeks.
    Thank you Heidi for a terrific experience!

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