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Chris is available Thursday – Sunday.  After you enter the booking page, please select the service you desire – the current date will be shown along with Chris’ availability. If he is shown as available – continue with your selection for that day.  If you are requesting a future date – please select the calendar date for Chris’ availability.

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An accomplished massage therapist, body worker and graduate of Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy, Christopher Brown is Nationally Certified and State Licensed, and is constantly enhancing his skills with continuing education.  He says, “My mission is to help empower people in all walks of life and levels of activity make the connections that will truly bring them ‘back to center’.

Christopher’s specialties include SWEDISH MASSAGE which is a traditional relaxation massage, THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE, which provides additional techniques designed to enhance significant tissue change – and focuses on problem areas or chronic conditions unique to a particular client, and REIKI – an intuitive non-invasive, interactive modality which accesses energy to heal mind, body and spirit. Chris has studied extensively at The Reiki Institute and offers this collaborative modality as an enhancement to his traditional techniques.

He emphasizes the role of the therapist as collaborator, in concert with the client and the natural power of each person’s body.  Through assisting the body’s energy patterns by removing blockages, hastening the natural healing process, manually re-oxygenating the body’s’ tissues and encouraging cellular toxin removal with massage, the therapist works to help the client achieve a number of important benefits:  improved circulation, lower blood pressure, reduction of major stressors, resolution of certain types of aches and pains, re-establishing the body/mind connection, and facilitating an improved range of motion. 

Chris reminds us what is so easy to forget, “We get carried away in our daily routines and are sometimes inundated with so much pressure that we put ourselves last on the list.  Yet placing yourself high on your priority list does not define you as selfish, it instead makes you healthier on all levels and able to function more efficiently.  Functioning optimally with your body, mind, and spirit in balance has rewards unto itself:  when we collaborate with our totality toward a true sense of well-being, we can then discover in ourselves a greater power to manage stress and pain, and carry ourselves with a more heightened sense of well-being; in turn benefiting our families, our relationships, our work life and our ability to enjoy activities with less pain and stress.”

He also emphasise that it is important to be open to a client’s therapeutic needs, “no matter the condition, affliction, or tension – there is a bodywork technique which can benefit nearly everyone.  I take special pride in understanding my client’s needs.  My education and outreach are ongoing throughout this profession, so I look forward to bringing R E N O V A’s valued clients continued enhancements to my palette of techniques.”


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