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After years in the corporate grind, a series of events led an initially skeptical Heidi  down a new path, where she opened her heart to the healing benefits of Massage Therapy.

A severe back injury had left her in constant pain and with restricted movement, and at the recommendation of her then-employer, she sought help from a professional Massage Therapist known to and recommended by the firm.  Because she’d already tried the usual courses of therapy and medications, with very little relief, looked hopefully to anything that might help yet in other ways was strongly skeptical that massage – something she had never experienced – would have any benefit at all.

After some prodding, she decided to humor her employers on the outside chance there would be at least some benefit from the treatment.  And she was transformed.  After the very first treatment from the experienced Massage Therapist, she noticed an immediate improvement not only in her pain but also in her range of motion.  And as the months-long burden that had weighed upon her suddenly lifted, her outlook changed as well – she was released from a prison of pain that had affected her work, her day to day activities, her relationship with family and friends, and her outlook on life.

Her heart and mind began to open. As the feelings of vulnerability cleared, brought on by her body not cooperating or allowing her the freedom she once had known – she became so fascinated by the transformation that she began to read and research as much as she could on the subject. 

She wondered if Massage Therapy was the path she was looking for to make a difference: could it be a way to help others and contribute in a way that her current career path did not allow?

She then enrolled in Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy and less than 2 years later graduated at the top of her class.  Her studies both classroom and clinical crossed all areas of massage, from Swedish Therapeutic to Myofascial Techniques, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Sports Massage and more.  With the program’s strong emphasis on Anatomy and Physiology plus clinical, technical, practical and research-based studies, Heidi made a strong connection between her need to help others and how she would be able to guide and shape the body’s’ amazing mechanisms for healing.


During her training, Heidi became aware of a blind Massage Therapist who, in the absence of sight, relied solely upon his touch and intuition in order to make the most authentic connection possible, and the impact this gifted individual had upon his clients was profound. 

Profound also was the impact upon Heidi, as even without knowing this individual personally, she realized that it must be her mission to deploy her gifts and guidance far beyond her eyesight.  From that point forward, she has worked with her own clients without the boundaries that sight would impose, combining healing touch with art as she works collaboratively – to summon the shared healing power within.


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